World-class Learning Sans
Financial & Cultural Barriers

Declining Education Opportunities
among Minorities and IDPs

A Platform to Bring together
Teachers and Students

Step 1

You enrol as a Teacher (Volunteer/ Paid Part-time)

You tell us about yourself, your qualification and teaching experience, subject(s) of teaching, level(s) of teaching, number of hours you plan to contribute.

Step 2

We confirm you as a Teacher Volunteer

We share with you relevant data, if any, with prospective students enrolled in our platform and advise you on how you can contribute.

Step 3

We promote the concept of learning-from-home among parents.

We share your credentials with prospective parents/ students

Step 4

You share with us:

1. The days of the week and hours of the day that you are willing to contribute your skills

2. The subjects and the level you are interested to teach after carefully consulting the syllabi at our site.

3. If and how would you like to be remunerated for your efforts

Step 5

We match your profile and expectations with that of our enrolled students

1. We underake an inquiry into the economic condition of the students and seek to incentivize their learning through various incentives, prizes and awards.

2. We identify the problems of the students and seek to address them in the best possible manner.

Step 6

We help raise funds for student/ teacher support

1. We help students through scholarships and crowdfund their requirements for the devices that are essential to virtul learning.

2. We help selected education projects to raise funds via dedicated crowdfunding platform

3. We allocate Ajr coins to volunteers-educators based on the consensus algorithm.